CobbMetrics provides more time for what matters.

Reclaimed Days

3rd through 8th grade students lose an average of 5 school days every year due to testing. CobbMetrics gives those days back to teachers to teach students.

Course Corrections

CobbMetrics allows for instant re-calibration of instructional models in response to student performance.


CTLS assessments will achieve three goals: provide accountability, offer timely feedback, and meet instructional goals.

Timely Reassessments

In the current model, students have to wait until the end of the year to take a reassessment. Through CTLS, remedial teaching and reassessments will become a natural part of the instructional model.

Quoation Marks (1)

Assessment has been about what students know. Assessment should be a tool used by teachers to effect positive change in instruction for each and every student.


Chris Ragsdale