Demonstrates Learning

Through CobbMetrics, students can express what they know.

Multiple Data Points

Students will have the opportunity to prove mastery many times throughout the year. Determinations of student mastery throughout the course of the year offers a more complete picture of what a student knows.

Realistic Assessment Items

Students will be able to express knowledge through multiple question types instead of only multiple choice questions assessing their knowledge.

Extensive Repository

Students need additional instructional support, and CTLS Teach offers a large database of instructional resources personalized based on each and every student’s individual needs.

Student Confidence

Students can be secure in the knowledge that they are able to demonstrate what they have learned at multiple intervals in multiple ways.

Quoation Marks (1)

Assessment has been about what students know. Assessment should be a tool used by teachers to effect positive change in instruction for each and every student.


Chris Ragsdale