Empowering Students for our Digital World

Instead of chalkboards, Cobb teachers supplement lessons with information on flat panel smart boards. Instead of the grade books of yesterday, teachers track student progress in a revolutionary digital platform, Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS).   

Teachers across the Cobb County School District wheel carts into their classrooms filled with tablets and laptops, which provide students with hands-on digital learning opportunities and expand what the students learn through traditional workbooks and textbooks. Some Cobb students have even lightened the load in their bookbags thanks to digital textbooks. 

In total, the Cobb County School District provides over 45,000 laptops and tablets for schools to ensure students have access to the technology they need. Students also have access to about 34,000 desktop computers.  

Why is there an emphasis on digital learning and incorporating technology into classrooms 

Because in the Cobb County School District, teachers are preparing students for success both in and beyond the classroom. They are both providing the tools students need to learn and empowering students for a digital world. It’s a world the students know very well outside the classroom. They carry their own smartphones and tablets. They turn to the digital world for research, suggestions on where to eat, the latest sports scores, communication tools, books to read, and more. 

The Cobb County School District is meeting students where they’re at and teaching them in a way that will create life-long learners who are successful in tomorrow’s digital world.  

The abundant technology available to teachers and students has helped transform Cobb classrooms into digitally friendly classrooms. 

Outside of the classroom, all Cobbs students are given access to Microsoft 365, which includes online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and OneDrive cloud storage.  

Adding to the digital instructional material available to students, the Cobb County School District recently partnered with the Cobb County Public Libraries so students are able to more easily access digital content from Cobb libraries. Student identification numbers double as Library PASS accounts 

Some schools are also bring-your-own-device schools, which enables students to use their smartphones and tablets to connect with course material. Cobb students have access to free Wi-Fi on their devices in the school buildings.  

Students are also able to link their devices with smart boards for a more interactive learning experience. New flat panel touchscreen whiteboards will be installed in all Cobb elementary schools by May 2019. 

Why are Cobb students given so many avenues to digital technology? 

It’s simple. When students are engaged, they are more likely to be actively involved.

For students who are unable to bring their own devices to schools, the Cobb County School District provides the technical resources students need to thrive in a digital classroom.  

As an example, for students at Osborne High School who do not have access to their own digital device, the school has more than 2,000 tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Campbell High School has almost as many. Brumby Elementary School has more than 500 tablets, alone. Smitha, Cooper, and Campbell middle schools have a combined 1,235 tablets available for student instruction.  

There are almost 800 desktop computers at Sprayberry High School, 420 laptops at Lassiter High School, and 467 tablets at Walton High School 

In the Cobb County School District, educators work as one team to prepare digital age learners for success with the help of classroom resources, data-driven instruction, access to digital resources outside of the classroom, and by promoting digital citizenship.