Student Success is more
than a test score.

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Empowers Teachers
Demonstrates Learning
Demonstrates Learning
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Provides Accountability
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Realigns Time
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Transforms Systems
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Assessment has been about what students know. Assessment should be a tool used by teachers to effect positive change in instruction for each and every student.


Chris Ragsdale


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Instantly Informed

Teachers will be able, through the use of CTLS, to instantly determine what their students know and immediately adapt their instruction.

Greater Flexibility

Teachers will have the flexibility to better align their instruction around the needs of students, not the schedules of adults.

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Multiple Data Points

Students will have the opportunity to prove mastery many times throughout the year. Determinations of student mastery throughout the course of the year offers a more complete picture of what a student knows.

Realistic Assessment Items

Students will be able to express knowledge through multiple question types instead of only multiple choice questions assessing their knowledge.

Real-time Results

Using CTLS, parents and teachers will be able to track student performance immediately. There will no longer be a need to wait for the following school year for test results to be released.

Classroom Alignment

Assessments will be aligned with what is already taking place in the classroom and offering instant feedback on what students know.

Reclaimed Days

3rd through 8th grade students lose an average of 5 school days every year due to testing. CobbMetrics gives those days back to teachers to teach students.

Course Corrections

CobbMetrics allows for instant re-calibration of instructional models in response to student performance.

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Targeted Remediation

If a student is not proficient in a specific standard, CTLS automatically pushes content to the individual student for instructional remediation.

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Technology Enhanced

Students will be able to demonstrate learning by using the interactive tools CTLS provides instead of being limited by multiple-choice assessments.